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Has anyone claimed back their PPI?

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SoupInaBasket Sat 13-Oct-12 16:33:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SelfRighteousPrissyPants Sat 13-Oct-12 16:36:46

Yes. Got sent a form by the bank so they obviously accept THEY were unethical! I took the loan thinking I had to have the PPI. Got nearly £8000 back. I don't see why you should pay for their greediness/mistakes.

HappyHalloweenMotherFucker Sat 13-Oct-12 16:36:51

Eh ?

It's not unethical, claim it back. It is yours. I have and I kept every for myself.

HappyHalloweenMotherFucker Sat 13-Oct-12 16:38:01

every penny

kirrinIsland Sat 13-Oct-12 16:40:20

Why do you feel that way?
The banks have largely been unethical in the way that they sold it. Mine was added my loan without my knowledge, i didn't know it was there til I got my first statement and when I phoned to remove it I was told I couldn't. I made a claim recently and got over £1000 back - I don't feel unethical about it all smile

SoupInaBasket Sat 13-Oct-12 16:41:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mum23girlys Sat 13-Oct-12 16:42:37

Ooooh self righteous I've got a claim in just now. Now you've got me spending £8k in my head grin

My mum just got £4k back.

Make a claim. If it's successful, it's your money. No need to feel guilty. It's the banks that should feel guilty.

BeyondLimitsOfTheLivingDead Sat 13-Oct-12 16:53:17

Im going to claim mine, though I dont think its much, as far as I remember they always cancelled anything straight away when told!
Anyone got any recommendations for a company to do it?

And I think there may have been PPI on a joint loan with my ex. We're not in contact, how does that work?

SelfRighteousPrissyPants Sat 13-Oct-12 16:55:05

I know mum23 I was a bit shock Just got the money but most of it will be paying off other debts and sorting the house out hides 2 bottles of malt whisky bought today

I wouldn't feel guilty soup!

If anyone else is claiming don't use an agency- they take a cut of the money and it's very easy to do yourself even if the bank don't send you a form unasked like ours.

Meglet Sat 13-Oct-12 16:56:21

Do you have to leave the bank if you get it back though.

I had a loan with my current bank several years ago to buy a car, I certainly don't want the hassle of having to change bank accounts as I've never had a problem with them.

SelfRighteousPrissyPants Sat 13-Oct-12 16:56:36

Sorry x post beyond- look at money saving expert for how to do it yourself. Not sure about joint loans but there might be something about it on there.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 13-Oct-12 17:05:32

Hi there,

We've moved this one to Money Matters.

XiCi Sat 13-Oct-12 17:06:36

You should claim it back but please do it yourself and sack off the claims company. They will take 30 percent of your money for doing nothing. All you need to do is phone the bank yourself. They are a massive scam and the FOS are currently looking into the situation because its such a concern. You dont need them!

XiCi Sat 13-Oct-12 17:07:33

And no, of course you dont need to change banks if you claim

confuddledDOTcom Sat 13-Oct-12 17:39:16

My dad did it through a claims company and they took an incredible chunk of it, MSE explains how to do it yourself and it's really easy to do (not to mention you get 100% of what you claim). There's nothing to feel bad about, they took your money under false pretenses, it's yours!

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