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Chat about car insurance

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Shriek Thu 04-Oct-12 20:13:47

The above subject was the link to here?!?! I clicked on those words looking for 'chat about car insurance' specifically to hear others views of what can only be described as 'positive discrimination'.

The insurance rating factors ARE based on risk factors of Age (agism), gender (sexism), disability ('ism'!?), geographic location (racsim?).... .what a ridiculous ruling that women who are a favoured insurance risk should now be positively discriminated against and have to pay higher premiums as a result. If thats the stance taken, then the retired folk, and other 'safer' categories will surely also come in for some discrimination type levies too?!

mrscumberbatch Thu 04-Oct-12 22:06:32

There is often discussions and recommendations about insurance on these boards.

I personally agree that it's ridiculous that the 'discount' rate for women drivers is going as we are PROVEN statistically to be safer drivers. It's probably just the insurance companies trying to gain profits.

There was talk about it the discount being levied in other ways though.

Shriek Thu 04-Oct-12 22:20:02

I'm struggling to believe the basis of this ruling! Can someone please enlighten???
It is absolutely 'positive discrimination'. I used to work for an insurance company, in underwriting as it happens, and the actuaries who do all the risk assessments do not make discounts unless there is profit! as in.. the figures prove the risks to be lower.... now if the discounts were given with no basis other than 'oh well she's a girl so she can get it cheaper', then thats sexist.... but if the book of business is large enough, its possible to give cheaper insurance even to higher risks (spreading the risk).... but this is not sexism.

I imagine that there must be a vast number of women on here affected, who will have to start paying increased premiums, but only 2 comments posted on this issue?

mrscumberbatch Thu 04-Oct-12 22:25:39

I don't think most people are aware of it Shriek. (Used to be in broking.) They'll probably ask questions if/when their premiums go up.

Like I said, there was originally chat that they would compensate for the female driver 'discount' in other ways. But as I'm not currently in U/W I don't know what the way forward is.... this article suggests 'Black Box' policies.


As it's an EU ruling, our Parliament gets no say in it whatsoever. The timing is terrible as well, it costs so much to run a car it's just getting silly.

Shriek Thu 04-Oct-12 22:30:55

hmmm.. any understanding around why the EU are even interested in premium splits ... maybe its an insurance driven policy to just increase profits... joining in the cynics view here...

mrscumberbatch Thu 04-Oct-12 22:42:14

I'd be inclined to say the same.

I believe that the official line is to do with gender discrimination. But really, is it not discriminating against women that we aren't being recognised as being statistically better drivers and that we are subsiding men's policies?

It is totally weird. And the media have been very quiet about it since the original announcement. Is there any public campaigns etc?

Shriek Thu 04-Oct-12 22:50:09

thanks for the article... 'on average women... £30 more per month [on car insurance]... wow!

... and When a man is the main driver and a woman the ‘named’ driver, premiums are likely to come down.

.. whereas if the woman is the main driver.. the policy will be adversely affected, saying that in spite of men [young] on average having a 25 greater risk of breaking driving laws [offences received] 10 times more likely to have an accident, and TWICE as likely to make a claim.... (quoted from the Daily Mail's Money website)their premiums will come down on average 9%.

same as womens pensions, they'll pay more and get less, being penalised for living longer?

Although it is quoted from the Daily Mail, and I couldn't find any sources listed for their figures quoted.

I agree initially with the black box policy... its proof.. but then so are the insurers' figures.. but actually the black box will not discriminate between drivers on multi-driver policies I'm guessing?

mrscumberbatch Thu 04-Oct-12 22:59:15

I never thought of fleet/multi driver policies. What a minefield.

I know that there is going to be a massive price war. I'm sure that they'll be adjusting the 'weighting' of other risks that apply to the overall balance so that they are still competitive.

Brands like 'Sheila's Wheels' could do quite well out of this. If they're clever about their risk calculating, they already have a primarily female client list.

There will still be age banding, (wait till the EU goes up against age discrimination lol!) which will probably swing prices even more than it already does.

Hopefully somebody who's a current uw will pick this up and let us know what's going on behind the scenes.

I think you should paste a link to this thread in feminism/women's rights as well.

Shriek Fri 05-Oct-12 00:20:53

yes.. see my first reply..age, geography, ..etc..
didn't know about a feminism forum..r u able to put the link there?..moving around is quite slow on my pda!

mrscumberbatch Fri 05-Oct-12 00:29:36

link to feminists board

It's quite a good board, lively debate at times. I'm sure they'll have some interesting opinions on this.

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