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Self employed and employed ssp issues

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Congo74 Thu 27-Sep-12 19:48:11

I am currently employed but have also started up my own business. My employers have found out about my business and suspended my ssp pay pending an investigation.

Where do I stand?

Please help as have 4 children 1 of which is very poorly and the reason I am on sick leave from my employer

MissKeithLemon Thu 27-Sep-12 20:05:02

You shouldn't be on SSP if it is your dc that is ill and not yourself so it sounds as though the employers may have an idea that you are not ill?

The fact you are self employed as well as employed is neither here nor there providing that you are not breaking any parts of your employment contract.

SSP becomes payable by meeting certain criteria regarding earnings, qualifying working days and any previous periods of incapacity to work. It is a stand alone benefit and its perfectly possible to receive SSP from one job whilst still working in another - although that doesn't sound like the issue here tbh.

Sorry OP, but bottom line is that SSP is not a payment to cover a childs illness.

Congo74 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:13:19

Hi misskeithlemon forgot to mention that i have been signed off work by my doctor for stress due to my child been ill and in and out of hospital.

The reason behind been signed off for stress was the feeling of being miles away from home if anything went wrong.

whereas my own business is in a locality near home.

MissKeithLemon Fri 28-Sep-12 11:27:47

Aah, well in theory, if your GP has signed you off and you meet the criteria for SSP then its not up to your employers to withdraw it because you are still working elsewhere.
(AS I said - each employment/self employment is treated as separate with reagrds to SSP --or should be--)

Unfortunately, in practice employers can and do withold SSP from employees for a multitude of reasons sad

You should discuss it with them and ask if they are overriding the opinion of your own GP as regards your capacity for work atm - they may back down on their stance once you question it.

Possibly call ACAS for some specific advice if they carry on being difficult.

This advice does depend on the fact that you are not breaking any contractual clauses by working elsewhere - double check this carefully. Do others at your employers have second jobs? Did your employers know about your self emplyment previous to the SSP kicking in?

Rockchick1984 Sat 29-Sep-12 08:48:47

Have you only started your own business since going onto SSP? If so unfortunately it will not look good from an employer's POV - you're too stressed to work for them but fine to start your own business up? Has your GP put that the stress is in relation to distance to work (or have your employers annotated it somewhere?) as that may make a difference rather than just that you are too stressed to work?

Congo74 Wed 03-Oct-12 07:42:13

No my own business was set up over a year ago whilst I was still working.

My doctor wrote on my sick note stress/family illness

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