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My sister reopened my mum's Next account, spent over £300 & now my mum is liable

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Bear1984 Thu 27-Sep-12 19:25:34

My sister has been doing stuff like this for years, stealing my parents' credit cards, using their accounts, using blackmail for them to give her money/get her out of trouble etc.

The latest is that my mum's just found out my sister had reopened a Next account my mum had, which was closed back in July. She managed to reopen it, obviously by pretending to be her, and spent over £300 on clothes for her DD on there. The parcels went to my mum's house, but as my mum works during the day, didn't see them. My brother had to sign for two of these parcels, but didn't think anything of it as he just assumed she had ordered something. My sister spent two other days sitting round there waiting for two more parcels. My mum only realised something was up when she received a text message from Next saying that the last parcel is due to be dispatched. She hadn't received a message for any of the previous four parcels though.

My mum spoke to Next who confirmed that the account had been closed but reopened. They said as my mum hadn't blocked the account, it isn't their fault that it was reopened hmm but surely if it's closed, it's closed right? Or if it needed to be blocked, why didn't they explain that to her at the time it was closed?

My brother spoke to my sister on my mum's behalf as my mum is very upset and angry as to her doing this. She wouldn't have minded if my sister had just asked, but it's going behind her back, and this isn't the first time. This has happened repeatedly in the past. My sister has got my mum into a lot of debt. My brother demanded she returned the stuff. He had a go at her and said she was selfish and that mum's very upset. My sister then texted my mum, not to apologise but to say she was not happy with how brother has threatened her and doesn't want her DD round him...

I have now texted her to say she needs to return the stuff, so either she can bring it all round to me or I can pick it up so she doesn't have to see my mum or brother, or she can drop it off at my mum's tomorrow when both of them are out. Not surprisingly, I haven't heard from her.

We have the details to make a complaint to Next, as they shouldn't have reopened that account. Surely they would have needed some kind of proof that she was who she said she was? And why did they only send a text message for the last parcel and not the previous four? My mum could have just returned them if she knew about them in the first place. But now as the account is in her name, she is liable to pay. What can she do?

pamhill64 Tue 02-Oct-12 22:39:17

People like your sister manipulate those they preport to love and like the emotional, or other, blackmail. If your Mum can do it, ie tough love, then she should report her to the Police and let your sister know in no uncertain terms that this behaviour cant go on. If she cant, she can demand payment from her over the time of the loan or else has to shoulder the debt herself.
Your sister is also using her daughter as a pawn in this game so she gets what she wants, in whatever unreasonable world she inhabits. If your niece is of an age when she can come and go to her Nans by herself then tell her what is happening and remind her that she will always be welcome at your familys homes. If she is not of such an age, then the risk is that it may be some time before she comes calling, but I suspect your sister will need your support way before that day.
As for Next, or any other store or bank, unless the Company receives in writing the request to close the account then it just remains open, without a credit to it, ie dormant. It is the same with credit cards. A zero balance and not using it doesnt mean its closed. If your Mum has written proof she asked for it to be closed then they may accept liability and could go after your sister themselves. I suspect your sister wont return anything. Most kids wear new things immediately so I doubt they would be in a position to be returned as new with tags on.
Some hard choices but she will continue to do this sort of thing Im afraid.

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