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Bursary application..grateful for advice

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montclair Sun 23-Sep-12 09:14:12

Would really appreciate any advice on bursary application letter. Have been looking at the various posts and we are not very poor but certainly earn less than 40k, with 10 year old car! DD looking at 6th form with prediction of 8A* and 2 A's. Not sure even that is enough, but will try! She is muscially talented and Grade 5 ballet but I am struggling on how to write a persuasive letter. We have never been in independent education and have been quite naive in what was on offer. DD feels she would achieve top results at A level with the type of classes and facilities on offer compared to staying where she is now.Any advice gratefully received as to what the schools are looking for. I have the actual application form but they want a supporting letter and would like to do the best one I can. Many thanks

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 23-Sep-12 16:25:05

At her age I would be looking at what she could offer the school in relation to the schools strengths eg. school very competitive at Netball DD has competed for school team and club team for x number of years including winning y. Your daughter is musical what instruments does she play would she be a worthy contributor to orchestra etc.
Ballet at DD's school it is the norm to take grade 4 in year 6 and her school is very unusual that dance is such a big subject.
You need to read prospectus and website very carefully the long and short of it is you are advertising your daughter to them.

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