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Midlands to Kent - house move housing benefit?

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birdy5 Wed 18-Jul-12 21:08:23

Would it be possible to move from the midlands to Kent whilst on housing benefit?
Reason really is just for a better quality of life, better schooling, moving my children out of an area that is really going downhill and becoming a druggie paradise. No family in the area, this isn't an issue I am used to managing alone. - Plan to go to lots of parent and toddler groups and get myself out there to make new friends.
I don't work at the min, and won't be able to for another 4 years due to responsibilties as a single Mother. After then I hope to study.
Sorry I am waffling aren't I?
Is this a valid enough reason (to move, not to waffle lol)? Do I need a reason?
Thanks alot in advance.

BumpingFuglies Thu 19-Jul-12 10:46:29

Only problem I can see is finding another place to rent where the landlord will accept housing benefit. You'll also need to check the LHA rates to see what you can afford and if you need to make up a shortfall. This is obviously if you are in private rented accommodation. Are you a council or HA tenant? I think you would need solid reasoning if you were looking for council accommodation.

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