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Anyone successfully got a default removed from their credit file?

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PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 13:41:26

DH had a huge overdraft, he avoided paying it for 8 months because the bank wouldn't send him a written settlement figure and we were going through financial difficulty. (Also because he's a complete ostrich and muppet about consequence)

We have found our dream home and do not wish to borrow any more from the mortgage company, just port the mortgage. But when we were asking for more they refused on his experian file, the only bad thing is the default.

RedHelenB Thu 08-Mar-12 13:44:10

Is the debt paid off now?

RedHelenB Thu 08-Mar-12 13:45:01

Defaults stay on your file for 6 years but if it has since been paid it should be marked as settled.

PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 13:47:25

Not paid but could be within a couple of months. I was more curious about potential appeals.

PigletJohn Thu 08-Mar-12 14:00:03

If it's actually true, it should be quite difficult to get it removed.

PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 14:44:29

I know, DH is calling them tonight to see if they'll send us a letter to say it was an error. I don't see it happening tbh, this means we lose a fabulous house we've seen.

PigletJohn Thu 08-Mar-12 14:51:27

?was it an error?

M25Meltdown Thu 08-Mar-12 14:54:52

On what basis would you appeal ?

PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 15:07:03

Well he didn't receive anything in writing, apparently. But he did talk to the bank frequently and so strictly an error I doubt,.

M25Meltdown Thu 08-Mar-12 15:09:09

If he has a ccj or similar against him he has had letters. I think he is lying to you, be prepared for the sum involved to be greater than he has intimated to you.

RedBlanket Thu 08-Mar-12 15:11:15

It's not really an error on the banks part. Surely you were getting statements showing you were overdrawn?

PigletJohn Thu 08-Mar-12 15:15:30

"DH had a huge overdraft, he avoided paying it "

not looking good sad

garlicbutter Thu 08-Mar-12 15:18:30

If a debt is paid you can write to Experian and get them to update it. If he's quibbling about the amount needed to clear the debt (which it sounds like) it will remain in default until they've agreed. If he's had a CCJ it will remain on file for six years, as will a bankruptcy.

All those companies that advertise do is set up an IVA for you (which also goes on file) or negotiate smaller lump sums to clear. Ime, the bank will offer him a reduced payoff if he holds out for 2 or 3 years but that sounds like more hassle than it's worth.

Agree, it's bye-bye dream house and time for DH to get honest with you sad

Voidka Thu 08-Mar-12 15:18:52

You could look on the MSE forums for help.

I dont want to be harsh, but this was your DH's fault and therefore I think an appeal is unlikely.

Voidka Thu 08-Mar-12 15:21:40

Is it a CCJ or default. They will both stay on your credit file for 6 years.

Once it is paid you can ask the company to mark it as settled, but it will still be there.

PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 15:21:51

Dh is being honest, I know how much is owed. I'm trying my luck really. He is feckless as opposed to dishonest and I have spent the last few years trying to make him deal with finances seriously, including taking over EVERYTHING. We knew we were overdrawn sad but he got treated like shit by his employer and we couldn't pay it back. (His income dropped by 60%) We will be able to pay it off (£8k) in the next few weeks.

All we want to do is port the mortgage, not even borrow any more. sad

garlicbutter Thu 08-Mar-12 15:24:51

That's a bugger. You can always hope 'your' house doesn't sell due to lousy market! Or try another lender??

PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 15:31:19

It may work out for the best if we don't move, but we're in Bristol and my son is approaching secondary school sad, schools here are shit. We were going to up sticks and move into a larger house but an hour away where schools are outstanding, but I do fear that mid southwest town means homophobic and racist.

M25Meltdown Thu 08-Mar-12 15:34:58

but I do fear that mid southwest town means homophobic and racist.

That is a hell of a sweeping statement...

Voidka Thu 08-Mar-12 15:43:02

but I do fear that mid southwest town means homophobic and racist.

Really? That is quite a generalisation.

lisaro Thu 08-Mar-12 15:53:11

And so it begins.....

Purplehonesty Thu 08-Mar-12 16:01:30

Appeal to the mortgage lender, ask to speak to a manager cos if you are only porting the loan there shouldn't be an issue; you already owe them the same amount and are not asking for more.

PosiePumblechook Thu 08-Mar-12 16:13:39

Hee hee, it's where I come from and so I do know. Even the mortgage broker said 'I worked with black people and sometimes I think is this still our country' along with a cousin of mine calling someone a 'ponce' because he made a cake.

sarahpip Mon 12-Mar-12 13:54:58

We have had the same issues porting a mortgage. As our income has decreased, we cannot do it, regardless of perfect payment history. I find the term 'porting' a bit misleading, as it's really not as simple as that, you essentially have to go through exactly the same process as taking out a new mortgage in the first place, I think the only benefit of porting over finding a new mortgage is that you might not get any early repayment penalties.
Does seem a bit ridic, don't we love the banks???

sarahpip Mon 12-Mar-12 14:00:55

Ps - living in a small SW town I can also let you know it is categorically true that we all have an inordinate numbers of fingers, we are all related, our childrens first words are normally 'ooooh-arrrgh', and our only form of entertainment is Welly wanging and cheese rolling.

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