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Is this the Latest Scam ?

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LIZS Thu 20-Oct-11 15:59:31

An unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from UK Database Management(?) asking if we'd had a large number of sales calls and junk mail as our name had been flagged up as being sold on databases in UK and abroad and we were therefore at risk of fraud. We're already on TPS but apparently this would n't stop it. This company offered to remove our name from all sales databses hmm as part of a Government initiative - not for a charge you understand , just an "admin fee" . Anyone else had this ?

Snorbs Thu 20-Oct-11 16:02:29

I haven't had this and I'm sure it was annoying but you've got to admire their chutzpah, haven't you?

Hassled Thu 20-Oct-11 16:05:41

That's one clever scam - impressive. I'm sort of looking forward to getting a call from them myself grin.

How could they possibly remove you from all sales databases?

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