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mortgage repayments as a newly single parent

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popalot Mon 17-Oct-11 17:14:30

A friend is looking at becoming a single parent. But her main concern is the mortgage lenders - will they kick up a fuss? She is the main breadwinner but obviously will lose his income, but shecan afford the repayments.
She is also unsure on the process of joint debt - like credit cards and loans. They have a joint bank account. they are not married but have children.
Any advice or even just where to look for advice would be great. She is hearing a few scare stories about mortgage lenders....

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 17-Oct-11 18:32:08

I'd recommend she talks either to a solicitor or the CAB. It can be a thorny business where shared property & money are concerned - and there are special issues to consider if she's not married because there is no automatic 'right' to either.

When my XH and I split we told our bank straight away and they froze our joint account shock because separating couples have a habit of emptying accounts apparently. It totally messed up all the DD payments - so I recommend not telling banks immediately but separating finances first, then closing the joint account when things have been transferred. On loans and mortgages, they will both continue to be liable until the debt is repaid. Some people manage to do this amicably whereas others deliberately cause each other problems. Whichever applies, things can change over time and it pays to be business-like about it rather than too trusting

popalot Mon 17-Oct-11 21:39:08

Yep, she needs professional advice for sure. Aand I'll warn her not to tell the bank initially until they've sorted something out. What a nightmare for you!!

workshy Mon 17-Oct-11 21:44:27

if she thinks her soon to be ex will clear her out she needs to keep some aside before she tells the back

all debts will be 50/50 responsibility if they are both named on them

they house will be 50/50 split if they did not specify equity share when they purchased the house -they fact they have children does not matter if they are not married

anything bought from the joint account is joint property (I found this out the hard way)

my mortgage providers were aboslutely fine -I bought my ex out last year and I had a new mortgage within 3 days -and increased it by 30k (nasty ex taking my money!)

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