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Don't remember aquiring a debt

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ButterP Mon 17-Oct-11 11:31:06

Due to mental health issues, I don't remember chunks of my life. I have just had a final demand for money from 1&1 internet. It is possible I got into the debt when unwell, or it could be a scam - how can I find out which?

ruddynorah Mon 17-Oct-11 11:32:22

Ask them for a copy of your contract or credit agreement.

belledechocchipcookie Mon 17-Oct-11 11:38:30

Don't admit that it's your debt, just ask them for a copy of the contract or credit agreement, as ruddynorah says.

ButterP Mon 17-Oct-11 11:54:18

Hmm, he is refusing to give me a copy of any agreement.

MoreBeta Mon 17-Oct-11 11:59:47

If they have not got a copy of your agreement or refusing to give it to you then it is either a scam or they are trying to get you to admit to the debt in writing so they can pursue you.

They cannot pursue a debt that they have no agreement for and they cannot pursue it after 7 years. Don't correspond with them further and if they do just take their letter to CAB and ask their advice.

belledechocchipcookie Mon 17-Oct-11 12:08:41

MoreBeta's right. Don't admit that you could owe them anything, if they call you then ask them to send you a letter with a copy of the agreement. IIRC, they can't chase you after 6 years. There's a statute of limitation that stops them asking you to repay a debt after 6 years but they can still put it on your credit file providing it's your debt. Just don't accept liability for it, it's down to them to prove that it's yours.

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