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Health care costs/government personal allowances

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Atwaroverscrabble Tue 11-Oct-11 23:17:54


I have recently applied for a help with health cost certificate for prescriptions etc as I am a full time student, my husband is on a low wage but just over the working tax credit threshold and we have 3 children (2,12,16)... I have alot of prescriptions so thought it was worth applying... Anyway, we have been turned down and when i looked at the calculation is stated a personal allowance for us as a family of £105.

I queried this as it seems low to Cover 5 people for food/fuel etc but the recalculation has come back with the same amount.

I did see somewhere that £105 was for 2 adults over 18 and on the same site it mentioned dependents rate of £63.

My question is: Should our personal allowance be £105 or should it also
have £63 (per child?). I just want to be clear before i contact them again

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