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mahoosive bill from Thames Water

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sqweegiebeckenheim Sun 09-Oct-11 22:37:49

wonder if anyone can help/ shed some light.

I came back today to a bill for £329 for water usage from April - October of this year. This is three times the amount of the last bill. Same flat, one less person living here, no water fetishists, no tumble dryer, no dishwasher, 2X showers daily. I live on a street in London which has had several massive water leaks in the past few months - twice the road has been shut down to stem the flow of water.

Any ideas why my bill could have shot up. Will be calling Thames tomorrow.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 10-Oct-11 09:07:36

Answered your other thread. Usually, high bills mean there's a leak of some kind between the meter and your taps. To check, turn off all your taps and then look at the meter. If it's still going around, there's a leak.

bumpybecky Mon 10-Oct-11 21:09:13

were the previous bills based on estimated readings?

thefirstmrsrochester Mon 10-Oct-11 21:14:39

I'd suspect a leak also.
Thames water should deal with the repairs and you may be able to claim for loss of metered water from your buildings insurer.

dolly626 Mon 10-Oct-11 23:09:24

See I think something is definately wrong with looneys at Thames water, I moved house end of June, gave Thames water a meter reading for both old and new property, got told I was in credit by £95 because my water bill was paid by monthly direct debit.
I was very excited and then couple of weeks later received a bill for £1800.00 pounds, I screamed so loud my mother thought something was wrong with me, I phoned Thames water told me they will look into it.
So I got a phone call which sounded like it was from India the man was asking me to give him my credit card details to pay off this £1800.00
I said I do not think so, after explaining and arguing and also refusal to make that ridiculous payment, he said oh hold on a min, I can see £1500.00 credit on this account but you still need to pay £300.00 to clear it, so I said well put this info in the post and let me see it because I don't owe Thames water nothing, he refused saying that they don't send out statements out anymore, to which at this point I was very fed up and tired and just hang up, such big company like Thames water don't send out statements anymore!!!! Really???
Yeah BITE ME!!!
So yes please do check that bill out.

sqweegiebeckenheim Mon 10-Oct-11 23:36:32

will do dolly smile

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