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Shifty practice- Virgin Media and home visits

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HannahBerry Wed 05-Oct-11 17:46:46

We recently moved into a new flat, and choose to have our line rental and broadband with Virgin Media. We were informed that an agent would call round to assess the suitability of our premises. We assumed that this would be an engineer.

An agent arrived and pretended to assess our property. He quickly went on to offer my DP a Virgin mobile phone package promising him a discount on the monthly tariff and the second month of broadband for free. The Virgin agent seemed very pleasant and convinced us to sign up for the deal, although we got nothing in writing about the discounts.

An engineer did turn up a few days later to fit our phone line and broadband. It was obvious to us that this was a proper assessment of the property by what he was doing.

How shifty of Virgin Media, to send a salesman to visit us at home, under the guise of fitting the product we had already signed up to. But the most frustrating thing is that, having looked at our accounts, the mobile phone contract has not been discounted, nor have we had our second month for free. We are tied into an 18 month contract for B/band and 2 years for the mobile. A warning to others...

whyme2 Wed 05-Oct-11 17:59:53

Phone up and complain madly until you get your promised discount.

We were with virgin for 3 years and every time we renewed our tv package we were promised discounts which never materialised. Dh spent a while on the phone shouting at them and we came off better than the original deal. You need to kick up a fuss.

Sending the salesman was shifty and I would be fuming about that.

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