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Equifax credit check

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Hengameh Thu 29-Sep-11 21:21:18

I recently had cause to request a financial dissociation and was advised to contact all 3 credit agencies. Experien and Call Credit dealt with my particular issue for free.

Equifax insisted I sign up for a free 30 day trial to obtain a reference number before they'd deal with me.

I signed up and they insist on taking credit card details. I used the reference number to request the dissociation.

I then cancelled.

They have debited my card and not done the dissociation. angry angry

I've complained. They have now cancelled my account (so I cannot access it which is fine but see *)but not refunded my payment.

* This week I've received letters from Experian and Call credit telling me that Equifax have told them I've been a victim of identity fraud and need to obtain a credit report and file a notice, hand over photocopies of loads of personal documents...send them passwords etc etc etc

I think Equifax are just scamming me to obtain more money. What can I do though? I have to pay them all now to obtain a credit report to check on the 'identity fraud' (bet there is NOTHING there) and Equifax will charge me all over again and tie me in against my will all over again angry

Checking online Equifax have a history of preventing customers from cancelling with a variety of techniques

taacrmachine Tue 18-Oct-11 14:16:34

ohhhh pants! just signed up with them today!!
i got as far as putting on my card details and then once i had tried they asked me to call a 0844 number and 'complete my purchase' as there seemed to be a problem. I gave up and didn't bother, but i feel like i should check it definitely didn't go through. horrors!!
fingers crossed that they sort themselves out for you.

elle2298 Thu 20-Oct-11 21:19:54

hi taacrmachine - how did you get on with this, think im in same situation. Itried to confirm my card details 3 times , and they were correct everytime...on the 3rd time i got that message. Am hoping i've not agreed to something as i've thought better of it, only thing is my bank is showing £6 due somewhere and thats probably all it can be , pretty annoying if you havent confirmed anything!

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