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Price Comparison websites - can they be trusted?

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latrucha Thu 29-Sep-11 21:04:42

I have recently asked to switch my gas and electricity provider after going on USwitch. They said they could save me £200 is pounds a year. I tried to work out if this was true by comparing the gumpf sent me by old and new companies but the way in which they calculate things seemed to make it very difficult.

What I liked about the deal I went for was that it was fixed prive for a year. I have also heard money experts on Radio 4 recommending such websites, saying such savings were possible and that going for a fixed price now was a good idea.

But really I'm just trusting the website.

I got a call tonight from my old company trying to win me back. I really couldn't attend to waht they were trying to tell me so I asked them to put it in writing for me, whcih they will.

One of the things I do recall is that they said that even though the KWH price is fixed the direct debit might not be. Well, direct debits are not fixed by their nature, are they? In nay case, I didn't undersstand it fully.

Antoher is that they could offer a deal that would save me 6%. However, I don't pay by direct debit to them and I think this might be where they are suggesting this saving from.

So, what are these price somparison websites really like and can I trust them?

latrucha Thu 29-Sep-11 21:06:28

p.s. I'm not sure i I will get back on tonight, but I am interested in what you say.

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 30-Sep-11 07:59:11

I use various comparison sites to cross-check which is the best deal rather than just one. Then (after having made the mistake once of jumping too fast) I call my existing provider and see if they can match it. They will often do so rather than lose your custom. If they can't match it, then I switch.

The discount for DD is well worth having, plus it means you pay the same each month.

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