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Anyone work in car insurance?

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Malificence Tue 27-Sep-11 21:32:47

I'm very worried regarding my car insurance, I know ignorance is no excuse but I was honestly unaware that you are supposed to declare an accident even if it's not your fault and no insurance claims are involved.
DD ( named driver) was driving my car back in March when me and DH were away and was hit by a driver who did minimal damage to the bumper and front wheel , he was a taxi driver and didn't want it to go through insurance so he paid for the damage , which was less than our excess as DD was under 21 at the time. A week or so later, DD developed neck and shoulder pain and ended up having weeks of physio and painkillers, she ended up putting a personal injury claim in against him , the solicitor told her that they needed insurance details etc. but that they wouldn't need to contact them as it wasn't an insurance matter. The insurance has been renewed in the meantime and today, DD was informed by the solicitors that his legal representatives wanted the insurance details from March, who are the same company, it was an automatic renewal - I have read the small print and it says that you are meant to inform them of any incidents immediately shock .
If I inform them now , 6 months after the accident, what is likely to happen?
Will they just make a note of the accident, will it increase the premium or could they even cancel the insurance and take legal action? I can't take the risk of not telling them, can I, as it could well invalidate the insurance if there was ever a claim.
It's my own fault I know , but I had no idea and neither did DH, I imagine most people who have minor bumps never tell their insurance company.

Malificence Wed 28-Sep-11 12:08:29

Never mind - it turns out I had notififed them about the accident, as soon as DD told me about putting in a claim in April.
I feel like such a berk - I can't remember notifying them but I must have, they have all the details and everything is fine - I blame being menopausal!

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