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benefits for students with dependent children

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10poundstogo Mon 26-Sep-11 21:27:23

Hi does anyone on here know what the entitlement to benefits would be for a lone parent with a 16 y/o child. The parent is a full time uni student and the child is in full time education. Would they be able to claim housing benefit? Thanks.

ArtyFartyPants Mon 26-Sep-11 21:31:28

Hi I'm a full time student and mother, I get most my housing benefit about 70% the rest student loans top up with the loan. Bare in mind you can't claim income support or job seekers if you study full time, but you will receive grants etc which work out a little more smile

10poundstogo Mon 26-Sep-11 22:06:25

Brill I am asking for a friend whose son has come to live with him over a year ago, but his mum carried on getting all the benefits. Its all come to a head now that they are effectively homeless (staying at a friends mums in one room together and have been asked to leave).

I'm assuming that he can claim HB, learning allowance, child tax credits and child benefit.

He's going to make an appt with the council to resolve the housing situation. Unfortunatly he had no idea what benefits he was missing out on until now.

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