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Sorry if this has been done to death...refund of PPI

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AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 16:38:53

Has anybody applied for this and been successful, particularly from Lloyds TSB ?


5inthebed Mon 26-Sep-11 16:40:08

My mam has just received a smashing cheque for £6,500 from Lloyds TSB. I never realised, but they also pay 8% interest on the original amount.

AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 16:41:14

oo, ta

congrats to your mum

lesstalkmoreaction Mon 26-Sep-11 16:41:44

loads of people have, there is no need to pay another company to do it for you, Have a look on money saving expert website as I think there is a letter you can download. You need to get a move on though as there is a cut off date.

AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 16:45:08

thanks, lesstalk

I am doing it directly myself with Lloyds TSB, not using a claims company. Not really sure why it's taken me so long to get around to it

The cut off is Dec 31st I think

Redumbdancy Mon 26-Sep-11 21:53:48

Yeah go for it!

I spent June sorting my claims out, my 16 week deadline is in October but I've already had one pay out.

Good luck.

AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 22:07:23

16 week deadline ? Do you mean the time frame for when they have to reply to you ?

Did you have more than one claim ?

Redumbdancy Mon 26-Sep-11 22:55:43

Sorry, yes the time frame.

I had 5 claims (was young and silly blush)

AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 22:57:10

ah, you had 5 credit cards ?

groak Mon 26-Sep-11 23:00:54

Usually banks have to respond to a complaint in 8 weeks before a customer can go the finncial ombudsman service but with ppi claims they have 16 weeks. You definately don't need a company / 3rd party to do this for you, banks will give no preferential treatment to companies, you willstill get same response with a handwritten letter. You just nedto write with all your info, if you ring the bank and ask to speak to their head office customer relations dept they will probably be able to guide you

Redumbdancy Mon 26-Sep-11 23:08:42

2 credit cards and 3 loans.

AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 23:11:37

oh, ok, red , sorry just being nosy smile

thanks groak I went on the Lloyd's TSB website and downloaded their own form for PPI complaints and sent it off

well, DH and I both did

we had a car loan ages ago...never thought about that, but don't have any paperwork left at all now

Redumbdancy Mon 26-Sep-11 23:25:51

I didn't have any paper work for any of mine! I phoned the banks and they traced the account numbers for me. Try giving the company a ring.

AnyFucker Mon 26-Sep-11 23:28:37

I don't even know if we had PPI on the loan

might be worth asking though...nothing ventured, eh

Redumbdancy Tue 27-Sep-11 09:43:20

Guess what?!

Had a letter from HSBC, they've upheld my complaint and given me £2,318.68!!!!

AnyFucker Tue 27-Sep-11 10:17:28

Ahhh, congratulations

And so they should be paying up, the robbing buggers grin

Whatcha gonna do with the dosh ?

Redumbdancy Tue 27-Sep-11 11:10:03

Am very sensibly going to pay off my overdraft, will still have some left over for spends for our Krakow weekend break in December and hopefully a few Christmas presents... If I can resist the temptation to blow it all on a holiday in January!


AnyFucker Tue 27-Sep-11 15:38:04

ahh, good times grin

CoffeeGoneColdAgain Sun 02-Oct-11 16:09:48

I am awaiting my cheque from LTSB, I put in my claim 6th May ( the day after they decided to give the banks 16 weeks instead of 8). I had my acceptance letter 20th August saying Yes we are at fault, sign this and we will calculate what we owe you.
13th Sept another letter saying we owe you £778, (2K loan over 4 years taken out in 2006)
They are changing the 'times frames' again shortly so it will be 12 weeks instead of 16, and then come December down to the original 8 weeks!
Martin Lewis money saving is great for info, there are a few people on there who really know their stuff regarding ppi reclaims, so if you need any advice head on over there! smile

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