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Housing Benefit when a child has partially moved out, where do I stand?

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poppyrosedaisy Mon 19-Sep-11 14:46:24

I'm a LP to two DSs, a 14 yo and a 16 yo. We live in a privately rented 3 bed house for which I receive partial Housing Benefit to top up the rent I pay from my wages. We're currently entitled to HB on a 3 bed house as my elder son is 16 but he is planning on moving out this weekend to stay at a friend's family home. He's going to do this so he can get to an apprenticeship he's been offered in another town and his plan is to come back home at weekends, arriving Friday night and returning to his friend's family home on Sunday night.

Obv I'm going to have to inform the HB offices of this but I don't know where I stand. Am I able to continue to receive HB for a 3 bed house because DS will be returning here each weekend or am I now only entitled to receive the housing allowance rate for a 2 bed property?


LornMowa Mon 19-Sep-11 15:33:28

I don't know whether your HB will reduce in these circumstances but if it does, could you ask your son to give you something to compensate for the reduction as presumably he will be getting some payment whilst an apprentice.

You may also wish to contact your local council and ask for a Discretionary Housing Payment there is no guarantee but I think you could make a pretty good case given that it will mean that you won't have disrupt your sons' education by moving to a smaller property.

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