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Bit complex - H and I have split (not divorced) but have to live together still - can I claim any benefits?

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BoisJacques Mon 12-Sep-11 12:29:14

Long time coming, but, H and I have mutually decided we have come to the end of the road. We have to live together though - our house is rented out and we are living at his mums (!) We are not divorcing yet, but, can I claim any single persons benefits? I cannot work, with three kids 5 and under, just yet but I do not want to be financially dependant on him (this could be whipped out from under me at any time, as much as I do not want to rely on state handouts sad) I am not sure how it works - We will not be sharing a bedroom, H has agreed to go in with the boys and we are not in any way a 'married couple' - except no divorce and living in the same house. Can anyone help me?

Pootles2010 Mon 12-Sep-11 12:31:02

I really don't think you will be able to. The benefits are for people paying mortgages, bills etc on their own surely?

How would they know you really were split up?

BoisJacques Mon 12-Sep-11 12:35:47

I am not sure - but I cannot move out because I have no where to go, at least not until the tenancy is up but can you really not live in the same house? We have talked and it makes sense. I still have bills to pay for, but now I am relying on Hs good grace to pay my bills.

LawrieMarlow Mon 12-Sep-11 12:37:39

I'd ask on the money saving experts benefits board - I think people have managed to claim benefits in your position but it can be difficult.

How are you doing - must be horrible needing to live with your Hs mum. Is there any way you could look into renting privately yourself - you would get benefits then and I imagine it would be better for your state of mind. I am relatively recently separated and just before H left was horrible and if we had been with his parents it would have been a lot worse.

LawrieMarlow Mon 12-Sep-11 12:40:46

Here is rhe MSE benefits forum - I would ask there as there will probably be someone who knows more there.

BoisJacques Mon 12-Sep-11 12:43:07

I cannot rent and get HB - we have a house. We are happy, for the time being, to live together - we are being civil and we have had issues with DS (very unsettled) so I really need to try and keep things as normal as possible - he has only had 2 weeks at his new school for example. I am planning to work full time in the near future, then I can start to move out etc., but, since we are both being 'OK' with it all, it seemed silly to move out 'just because'. I do not know what it will be like when we tell MIL, I do worry a little bit it will go downhill because I do look like I am taking H for a complete ride by staying here.

BoisJacques Mon 12-Sep-11 12:43:58

Thankyou. I am willing to divorce, just it is complex with the house - I presume though we can just change our marital status on the mortgage, rather than re-mortgage? TOtal mine field.

GypsyMoth Mon 12-Sep-11 12:53:11

So he would pay you maintenance?

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