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Since CTC is paid 4 weekly, is it right there could be an 'EXTRA' payment towards the end of the year?!

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pipkin35 Thu 08-Sep-11 09:52:56

Trying to budget - as always. Looking at my calender, CTC is paid to me every 4 weeks.
The way the dates fall for me it looks like I'd get in an 'extra' payment in December...could this possibly be right?

What do you all reckon?

privatename Thu 08-Sep-11 10:36:32

this is a question i have wondered about with regards my housing benefit,that gets paid 4 weekly,i pay my rent per calendar month,looks like one month a year therefore i will receive an extra payment?

hope someone can clarify this for us smile

SquishyCinnamonSwirls Thu 08-Sep-11 10:45:11

I've noticed this too with child benefit, somtimes you get 2 payments in the same calendar month.

pipkin35 Thu 08-Sep-11 10:49:20

OMG - I truly hope this is the case! This has never happened to me before cos I wasn't due stuff.

So, it could be a good Chritmas then...?! I get some housing help too - so that might also be extra?

Tonksforthememories Thu 08-Sep-11 10:51:06

Yes! It's great fun having that extra cash. Mine arrived in June so we had an extra special holiday! grin

Debs75 Thu 08-Sep-11 10:51:40

Yep we manage a couple of months a year where we seem to get an exttra payment.
It doesn't seem to make any difference as I pay a lot of my bills fortnightly or 4 weekly, British Gas think I'm mad as they give me a 12 month payment plan and I pay them 13 times a year.

privatename Thu 08-Sep-11 11:02:52

sounds like this may be the case then? just wish my brain could work it out!!

another thing i didn't know was that as i pay my water rates by dd i get a 2 month break in jan/feb!!

lesstalkmoreaction Thu 08-Sep-11 11:03:58

You only get the total amount that is on the award notice.I get a payment on 5th december then the next will be due on the 1st jan as this is a bank holiday it will be paid on the 30th december. Any payments due over xmas will be paid on the 23rd.The dates will be on the hmrc website.

Eddas Fri 09-Sep-11 22:32:39

yep, 13 payments in a year (52 weeks / 4 weeks = 13 payments) same for CTC & child benefit. Which month you get 2 depends on when you get it, I have no idea if we all get them at the same time!

If it's the same date as mine, i'll get CTC 2/1/12 (or after if it's a bank hol) and on 30/1/12

Child benefit I got 2 payments in August 2/8/11 & 30/8/11

Anything paid 4 weekly you will receive 13 times a year smile

Eddas Fri 09-Sep-11 22:37:31

wrt water rates I pay 2 lots and I think one lot I pay over 8 months and one over 10, can't be sure though blush my council tax is also over 10, which is usual although you can now ask for it to be over 12 months but I like the 2 months off!!

I have a spreadsheet with all mine on, recently I added the dates for CTC/CB so I know which month I get 2 payments blush <<geek>>

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