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Has anyone else had their income support stopped??

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GossipWitch Sun 04-Sep-11 09:40:31

I received a letter on Friday from the jobcentre saying they have stopped paying my income support as I have not returned an a2 form, I assumed this was my part time earnings form so I rang them to tell them that I rang a few weeks back, and explained that I had sent my payslips to them as soon as I got the letter, they then told me this was a completely different department and that everyone on income support was under review, and everyone on income support had received an A2 form and had to send it back within four weeks, I have not received such a form to send it back, believe me, I am extremely anal about money affairs so I would definitely have sent such a form back if I had received it, I have also asked a few friends who are on income support but none of them have had this issue. I was just wondering if I'm the only one?

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