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am i been unreasonable

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jazy1979 Thu 25-Aug-11 12:44:53

Hi folks i have a friend who i feel is milking the system just want to air my frustration. To some i may look jealous and maybe i am a little but a bit annoyed that we work hard and pay hard.
My friend successfully sued the NHS for her child who was left with severe cerebral palsey and mass amounts of money was awarded to both her and her son this was well needed for her child to enjoy a better quality of life he deserves.
This is not my problem the problem is his mam seems to be spending for too much money of his on herself and claiming every benefit under the son whilst receiving a 2 thousand pound per month allowance from his money? and still moaning about having to pay bills?
She has lived for 15 years on income support whilst awaiting for the payout but claimed fiddley as her partner lived with her whilst working for 5 years.
This is where i feel it is a bit wrong she lives in her sons house with her partner who has a full time job well paid job.
She refused to pay the council tax and told the court of protection they had to pay because why should she she never has had to before (welcome to the real world everyone has too pay it when they work).
Her son furnished her full house with very expensive furniture including 2 sofas that he is not able to sit on a top of the range cooker, he his tube fed she created a games room for her partner which could have been a sensory room for a child.
she receives 2 thousand a month allowance from the court of protection for looking after her child
she was awarded £200 thousand pound from the initial claim.
she gets full working and tax credits approx £2000 per month
Carers allowance and DLA
Her partners wage
in all over £7000 per month income with benefits.
the Health service provide every thing for her son, she only needs to buy clothes which she then claims back from his money from court of protection she even claims his Christmas and birthday presents back from his own money.
She even claimed a £300 grant from the family fund which provides money for low income familys (she never declared her NHS payout award).
Is this right should she be able to live a life of a millionaire and still be on benefits

GypsyMoth Thu 25-Aug-11 13:14:24

Oh grow up!!

Read that back to yourself!

And really, posting your 'friends' financial details all over the Internet is not in! Ask mnhq for this bile to be deleted

bemybebe Thu 25-Aug-11 13:17:10

totally with tiffany

jazy1979 Thu 25-Aug-11 21:00:11

Please note these are not her figures only examples of figures if i did not put some figures then people would not be able to give their opinions. but note i cut the figures down not increased them?
So claiming free school meals for the past 11 months with huge amounts of money in the bank is fine?
So claiming from a charity who only give to low income familys a holiday which asks on the form have you ever had a claim with the NHS).
So not delcaring the moneys you have in the bank to tax credits and careers allowance eg SAVINGS is ok?
What part of your child buys his own birthday and christmas presents is ok?
A child who is stimulated by sensory equipment is not allowed any because they do not fit in the house.

RockChick1984 Thu 25-Aug-11 21:16:49

If you feel so strongly about it then report her for benefit fraud, just sitting here moaning about it won't change anything!

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