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How much could i borrow for a mortgage

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bettybets Thu 25-Aug-11 09:28:28

Just wanted some advice in the current climate on how much i could borrow for a mortgage,

i earn 25k a year

I earn 10k extra shifts on a agency

My husband is unable to get a mortgage with me due to his bankruptcy, however will any mortgage lender take his salary/Part of his salary in to consideration for in my income into the home?

Any advice would be great, thanks

Gonzo33 Thu 25-Aug-11 09:41:11

Your husbands income cannot be taken into consideration at all in relation to any mortgage application due to his bankruptcy.

Can you prove the income you receive from the agency, have you been there a substantial period of time? Are you out of probation on your main job? The answers to these questions are important. Do you have any dependants (children) living with you?

Your monthly commitments are loans/minimum payments on ccard that kind of thing.

Any problems PM me and I will give you a hand.

bettybets Thu 25-Aug-11 10:00:42

Hi Gonzo,

No i have no loans, depts. I have one dependant, if i went through the CSA and had a confirmed regular amount of money from my husband into my account, would they consider that as income for me?


HonestlyBanking Fri 26-Aug-11 19:45:44

Each lender uses their own criteria. Simply put they want to measure the risk and return. The simple 3* wage is outdated and it's more about affordability. You could use a mortgage broker (but don't pay over the odds!)

Gonzo33 Fri 26-Aug-11 20:45:06

Betty I will PM you.

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