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low wages.....maybe

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myBOYSareBONKERS Thu 25-Aug-11 07:45:22

Was wondering if someone who is good with figures could help me out!!

I got paid today £897.90. This wasn't as much as I thought I would get.

Today was the first month without me having the childcare vouchers being taken straight out of my salary. The vouchers were £238.13 and I used to take home £744.59 .

Now, I do understand that having £238.13 taken out at source means there is less to tax/N.I (which is how the parent makes savings) but there is a difference of £84.82.

Would an increase in my salary by £238.13 really cause my tax/NI contributions to go up by £84.82?

I haven't got my payslip as I am on leave at the moment.

Many thanks

ChasingSquirrels Thu 25-Aug-11 07:50:45

sounds about right, tax of 20% and NI of 12% (I think?). It is a bit on the high side for that, but definitely in the right ball park.

davidtennantsmistress Thu 25-Aug-11 07:53:48

is it your first month on maternity leave? it's possible the drop is due to the reduction in your wages if you only have the standard smp? (my reduction for example for 2 weeks is approx £30)

myBOYSareBONKERS Thu 25-Aug-11 07:57:07

Many thanks for your replies - much appreciated.

I am not on maternity leave - my "baby" boy is going to school September and so is leaving nursery, of which I was looking forward to having a little more cash!

I knew I wouldn't get the whole lot as a monthly increase but I did expect a bit more then what I have been left with sad

davidtennantsmistress Thu 25-Aug-11 08:10:41

sorry my fault for mis understanding, yes agreed it does sound about right.

LawrieMarlow Thu 25-Aug-11 08:18:21

If you put your figures in here it will tell you what you should be getting.

I have just played around with it a bit and according to it with a monthly gross salary of about £1,030 you should be getting net of £897 and with the childcare vouchers you would have been getting about £735 so it does sound about right.

myBOYSareBONKERS Thu 25-Aug-11 09:12:13

Lawriemarlow - That does.

Have got last months payslip:

paid: £1097.64 childcare vouchers were £238.18 = £859.46 to be taxed/NI/pension.

Paye was £29.60 NI was £24.21 Pension £55.86 and parking fees £5

which left me with £744.79

TrillianAstra Thu 25-Aug-11 09:16:13

Well that is the point of childcare vouchers right - that you get a higher value of childcare vouchers than you would get in pay?

Before you got £744.59 + £238.13
Now you get £897.90

Which means that you were previously getting those £238.13 of vouchers in return for only £153.31 of your pay. 50% extra free, in supermarket terms. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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