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tax credits over payment...

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lydiathetattooedlady Fri 19-Aug-11 19:51:12

Sorry this is long ive been stressing over this...
I rang and did our renewal over the phone end of july and i have just had our renewal for last year through. They claim that we have been overpaid by nearly £1700. SHIT! Ive been trying to ring them but i cant get through and eventually i get cut off. I know this can happen but given that we were 'lucky' enough to be 'randomly selected' to have our claim checked last september i dont know how they've got it so wrong? They went through every bit of paper work for my business to prove what i was earning from it. I estimated a salary of £10000 but when i renewed i said it was actually £6400, so ive no idea how we can owe so much money! Could it be a mistake?

The only thing i think it can be is that in january our child care went down by £40 a week, i rang and told them this and my paymernts went down by about £50 a week. However when our renewal came through it said that we were paying the old child care costs. I quizzed woman on phone and she said that yes there is a record of my call but for some reason it hadnt been changed?! Could this £1700 be the overpayment from that from january to july or do they only deal with january to april? I checked on tax credits calculator for an estimate and the £50 difference is the exact amount that our payments went down by, so im now thinking even thought my payments were adjusted accordingly the computer says 'Noooooo'!
Please any advice...i cant stop stressing about possibly owing this money!

Gonzo33 Sat 20-Aug-11 13:57:38

Oh, what a nightmare. I think I would be tempted to appeal it in writing if I were sending the letter Special Delivery so you can prove receipt.

My payments were stopped in April and when I called them they told me I had a salary of x. Given that I haven't worked for 2.5 yrs I find this incredible. I told them the correect figures and was told someone would sort it asap. I chased it up 2 months later (as per their timescale) and they told me it hadn't been put through properly. They did make the amendments and then they told me that I won't get any back pay until 2011/2012 end of tax year just in case my circumstances change! My husband is a crown employee so his salary is fixed and I don't get one, and won't because we are currently based oversea's. Apparently that doesn't matter though. IDIOTS angry

lydiathetattooedlady Sat 20-Aug-11 20:48:44

Thank you for replying, if i cant get through on monday then i will definately send a letter!
Oh god how awful! It really is far too much hassle! x x

Gonzo33 Sun 21-Aug-11 06:57:04

I know, I was tempted to tell them to shove it.

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