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Estate Agents

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vj32 Wed 17-Aug-11 15:33:44

Has anyone used an online estate agent or managed their own house sale?

I have had some bad experiences with local estate agents and am confident about presenting the house and showing people round. I know a very good solicitor to do the conveyancing so thats not a problem. I also have the time as I will only be working part time.

DorisVinyard Wed 17-Aug-11 16:09:18

Trouble is, you won't be able to put it on Rightmove which is where everyone looks.

Gonzo33 Wed 17-Aug-11 18:40:12

Doris has hit it on the head, I was thinking of doing that until I realised I couldn't get the house on Right Move

mylovelymonster Wed 17-Aug-11 19:01:29

Isn't Hatched accessible on RM?

vj32 Wed 17-Aug-11 20:43:54

There are a few websites where you basically pay for the ad on Rightmove and all those similar sites and then do the rest yourself. That is what I was thinking of doing...

cat64 Wed 17-Aug-11 21:02:31

Message withdrawn

nocake Wed 17-Aug-11 21:11:09

There are plenty of on-line companies who can get your house on Rightmove. They offer all levels of service from simply getting your house details, provided by you, onto the right websites right through to preparing the details, taking calls from prospective buyers and negotiating a price. I haven't used one but a friend did and got quite a lot of interest. She also got the traffic stats from Rightmove so could see if the marketing and price were about right.

gregssausageroll Thu 18-Aug-11 08:19:37

Where are yoy? If in Scotland don't worry about RM. Not really used/referred to.

CogitoErgoSometimes Thu 18-Aug-11 09:25:05

I'm interested to see what responses you get because I've always thought I'd DIY if I ever came to sell my place. Popular street, good school catchment area but the typical estate agent fee would be about £10k for doing very little.

RavenVonChaos Fri 19-Aug-11 00:12:32

A friend made a board and put it up outside her house. Sold in a week. Go for it! I hate the thought of giving money to estate agents.

mylovelymonster Sat 20-Aug-11 13:44:19

Here here!! grin [beer]

mylovelymonster Sat 20-Aug-11 13:44:48

oops no emoticon then.....

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