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Bank a/c if no regular income?

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Tigerinmysoup Tue 16-Aug-11 12:18:47

I have a current account that was recently taken over by Santander. I became a SAHM at the beginning of the year, and so since then have no regular income going into my account. Unbeknown to me, hidden in the t&cs there was a clause that they could charge me a fiver a month if income falls below a certain level - so this month they have started charging me.
I don't want to stay with Santander - have had huge problems with them in the past with an old joint account that DH & I held (now closed, they were that bad). So I'm looking around for a current account, but as I have no regular income I can only get really basic accounts - eg I just went to Natwest and all I can get is one with no cheque book, limited cash machine access, etc. I have some money in my account, and there will be money going in there sporadically, from our savings account sometimes, but obviously not regularly.
Anyone know of an account I can get that isn't as basic as the Natwest one, and that I don't have to pay for? Or another option?

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 16-Aug-11 13:37:44

You could set up something similar to what my parents do. My dad's pension is just under the limit but mum's is just over. So every month my mum sends the required amount to my dad by standing order and he sends it back again a day later same method. Both therefore fulfil the terms of minimum monthly deposit and avoid penalties.

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