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Capitalone card

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WeeKirkie Sun 07-Aug-11 03:57:16

So sick of being lied to by the credit companies in general! Was really struggling 4 years ago and instead of going bankrupt chose what I thought was taking responsibility for my debt and went on a trust deed. Paid £400 pound a month to help pay the companies off for over 4 years even though we have been unemployed a lot of this time. It ended over a year ago and I still have companies chasing me up for the debt. Contacted who dealt with the trust deed and supposedly no-one is at fault for a lot of the companies (about 4) not taking me off their lists of non payers. Just applied for a capitalone card which stipulated that you got accepted in a minute! No again a lie they will contact me within 7 days. How do these companies get away with it? This is obviously a case of false advertising but nothing ever seems to happen to them over it! You will have your decision in a minute they told me, no for some cases this can take a week how do they get away with it? Tried to complain but you need to be an account holder? Guess I will have to wait 7 days if my trust deed has not already buggered up my score! So angry now wish I had just went bankruupt would have been shorter and well finished and sorted by now. The moral seems to be do not take responsibility for your debt pay the least you can for the shortest time and they will get you back on the credit list sooner! Disgruntled payer of debt!

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Sun 07-Aug-11 04:49:10

If it was only 5 years ago you wouldn't be accepted for credit yet if you'd gone bankrupt.

I'm sure if you looked at the t&cs there would be something about some decisions taking longer and the fact that you are applying for credit with no idea if you'll get it means you've not checked your credit file. I would suggest doingvthat asap. Thre is not much point in applying for credit if you've still got stuff on there.

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Sun 07-Aug-11 04:49:36

*4 years

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