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Can you use childcare vouchers at nursery schools?

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UntamedShrew Wed 03-Aug-11 10:53:15

Our boys are off to a nursery in September, it isn't day care as only 2 hours a day and it's a private montessori.

It is OFSTED registered so I am hoping I can use the vouchers that we have been using for our nanny, who finishes at the end of August.

I would ask the nursery of course but it is the holidays so there is no one there.


PorkChopSter Wed 03-Aug-11 11:35:47

I couldn't at the school pre-school that is Ofsted registered.
I could at the local day care nursery.
I could at the private school during reception year until the age of 5.

You need to speak to the nursery, do you have an email address for them?

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