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transferring money to US bank account

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bambootoo Mon 01-Aug-11 07:44:52

I need to transfer a few hundred pounds to somebody in the US who doesnt have an international bank account. What is the best/cheapest/easiest way to do so? Western Union has been suggested but I am a bit scared of that and think there must be a better way?

redexpat Tue 02-Aug-11 01:15:42

You don't need an 'international' bank account. You need their IBAN and BIC code. THey can ask their bank for those. It usually costs around £10 depending on how much you are sending.

My parents used moneygram once which was fine. Why are you suspicious of Western Union?

BarryKent Tue 02-Aug-11 01:24:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BarryKent Tue 02-Aug-11 01:25:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bambootoo Tue 02-Aug-11 13:46:15


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