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Do I have a valid complaint again HBOS?

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MiniMoaner Wed 27-Jul-11 16:50:13

I think I do, but am prepared to be told not, and if I do, what can I expect in recompense?

I will try to be brief:
Feb 2011 - went into branch to ask for mortgage payment date to change from 28th of each month to 1st of each month. Was told that this would mean for one calendar month, there would be no mortgage payment (unless we paid on 28th Feb and 1st March - which could not afford) so we would need to have a one month mortgage holiday for March, then 1 April we would start paying on 1st of each month. Hope that makes sense!

The mortgage advisor did all this, but said "can you call me in a couple of weeks to remind me to change your payment date?" which seemed odd but I did this, leaving a message for her on the specified date. Unfortunately before the end of March, I ended up in hospital and as I was quite seriously ill, I didn't come out until June at which point I realised that the mortgage payment date had NOT been changed angry

I phoned the mortgage advisor, who admitted she must have forgotten to do this, but gave me a load of old flannel and the compromise I hurriedly agreed to (as we were leving to go on holiday that very day and I wanted a resolution before we left) was that she would alter the payment date but that it would mean no payment would be made in July, and "lets hope nonbody notices and you shouldn't get any letters or phone calls". she assured me she had dealt with all this.

Today I start getting phone calls! Due to a goodwill payment from HBOS a few months ago we WERE actually 0.5 mortgage payment ahead, so this has been put towards the mortgage this month, but we are still the rest of this month's payment outstanding. Its not called arrears, its not affecting our credit rating, but its also not my fecking fault! they wanted payment TODAY(no way do I have this!) and accepted £50 per month for the next few months and also filled in a complaint form about the mortgage advisor for me.

I am really hacked off. We ended up with a mortgage holiday month for NO reason which has added to our mortgage at the end of the day, and altho NOW the payment date has been changed, its left us virtually in mortgage arrears. Ideally I want a goodwill payment of the 0.5 mortgage payment as an apology for THEIR cockup. I bet I don't get it, but wonder if this is likely and the best way to go about it.To make matters worse, the mortgage advisor is my dad's cousin <groan> !!!!

Thanks for any advice!

mooshy1970 Fri 29-Jul-11 00:28:42

Wow that's terrible.
I,m afraid I can't advise you as no finance experience, but I can definitely recommend joining and posting this on consumer action group forum .They have lots of fab advice x

HonestlyBanking Fri 26-Aug-11 19:52:44

Yes you have a valid complaint. The banks have a duty of care to 'treat customers fairly'. Write to them giving them 14 days to respond (they should send a holding letter with a week) making your complaint clear. Don't accept standard responses, make sure you get proper attention. If your unhappy write to the CEO. If still unhappy take your case to the financial ombudsman. (which will cost the bank £300 anyway, so they won't want you to do!) Good luck.

EttiKetti Mon 29-Aug-11 18:51:26

Thank so much, sorry for late response, I have had about 2 dozen letters and an unbelievable amount of stress trying to sort this out, my official complaint is taking longer than the standard 4 weeks they allow as they are awaiting further information apparently, so I am hoping this is a GOOD sign...but thanks so much for the info re Ombudsman, I didnt realise it costs them money, if I am not happy CEO and Ombudsman it is. Thanks smile

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