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car boot virgin needs advice with pricing!

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Bronte Mon 25-Jul-11 14:34:50

We've got loads of stuff we want to offload eg DVD's CD's , clothes etc but have no idea waht prices to put on things. Anyone else done a car boot that can offer advice? Thanks.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 25-Jul-11 17:24:26

Be realistic and know your marketplace. If everyone at the car boot is asking £1 per DVD, you won't get £3. Recognise if you have things of real value and have a price in your mind before you start... check E-bay, maybe. Children's clothes, unless they are designer classics, sell best in bundles of age and gender. Set your stall out like a smart shop rather than a scruffy jumble sale and your goods will look better quality and attract more buyers. Remember 'your first offer is your best offer' i.e. if you want £20 for a pair of shoes and are offered £18 from the first buyer, take it. Because, if you don't, they're guaranteed to be the thing that doesn't sell. smile And finally, boot-salers are there for a bargain.... so always be prepared to haggle or throw something else in for free.

Bronte Mon 25-Jul-11 17:47:11

Cheers for that..think I'll go along to one and check out what others do first.

happybubblebrain Mon 25-Jul-11 21:15:52

I have been to quite a few carboot sales lately. For really good newish DVDs you could get £3, £1 for older ones. CDs are usually about £1 each. Hardback books £1 to £2. Paperbacks 50p. Adult clothes, if in good condition and quality, can be £2 or £3, but 50p - £1 if not. Kids clothes are usually about 50p an item, unless from an expensive shop. Things that look like they've never been used or worn you can ask a bit more for and use this as a selling point. Toys in boxes that look new you can ask about 1/4 of the original price, if tatty and old usually £1 or 50p.

I think it's best to start with a higher price but be prepared to drop it a little if someone haggles or as the day goes on. How low you go depends on how much you don't want to take it home with you.

Also, most people will pay quite a bit more for something they really want, so be alert to happy, happy smiling faces, jumping up and down, or drooling over your old tat - and up your price accordingly.

Bronte Tue 26-Jul-11 10:20:07

Good ideas hbb. Thank you !

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