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Credit card advice

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Kayano Tue 19-Jul-11 08:22:40

Been done recently for some goods. Paid on debit card but never arrived - website no longer works and phone now disconnected.
It's ok because Barclays looking into it.

Now DH and I are very careful with our money and never had a credit card, but he wants one now for online shopping for the added protection...
So my question is.... What credit card do we get? We would be paying it off straight away but I have no idea about small print or caskback? Can anyone advise on a Cc for our situation?

SarkySpanner Tue 19-Jul-11 08:42:35

I find the tesco's one works well. We've earned loads of clubcard points over the years. They are paying for two weeks in France in August smile
I've found their customer service good too.

(we always pay off on time so I have no idea about interest rates.)

Basically you want to maximise your cashback (or clubcard equivalent). Check out the money saving expert website.

CogitoErgoSometimes Tue 19-Jul-11 09:24:00

Personally, I prefer cashback cards to ones connected to specific stores as I think you get more back per £ spent. Which are best change quite frequently but if you check comparison sites such as this one you can see which are offering the best rewards and also what their terms are. Some offer great rewards for a limited period, others offer a lower reward but over a longer period.

I would avoid American Express cards because I have one and they are not accepted everywhere. Mastercard and Visa are more universal. if you set up the account to be paid off in full by DD automatically each month you'll never incur interest because of a cheque being delayed in the post or an oversight etc.

JarethTheGoblinKing Tue 19-Jul-11 09:39:46

We like the Tesco one as it earns loads of points

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