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Has anyone heard of this money making scheme / scam?

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southmum Fri 15-Jul-11 11:33:05

Doing a it of amateur investigating. I know someone who is a bit of a knob with money making ideas and this problem has the potential to hurt someone very close to me.

Has anyone heard of a link roll web or scheme?? is it a sort of pyramid scam? The spelling might be a bit out (might be role?) or maybe it was overheard wrong, but it definitely seems like some money making crapola

This person had filled some form in online and half way through stopped it but then got a phone call (overheard by the person close to me) from someone at the website / company saying this person had been on their website and had they changed their mind? (or something like that). This knobber is now pretending they cant remember what website it was or what they were doing on it.

Sorry for vague details, but if anyone has heard of something similar or knows what it is please please let me know

CogitoErgoSometimes Fri 15-Jul-11 11:39:54

Is is the scheme where you allegedly make money by posting links on places like Google, Twitter and Facebook? I did a quick hunt about and there are comments like this one all saying 'it's a scam'. Surprise, surprise.. smile

southmum Fri 15-Jul-11 11:54:19

I thought it might have been, but Knobber really hasnt got a clue about websites never mind getting in to linking to them, he hasnt got his own web site for a start (also this person is so IT illiterate they have been known to wipe their hard drive and reload it just to solve a relatively easy software issue hmm)

I think those google links are relatively low cost aswell aren't they? Still a waste of time and money for sure but my friend got wind from the phone call that this scheme, whatever it is, would cost (or make) a couple of grand which is what makes me think its a pyramid scheme but Im thinking even Knobber wouldnt get involved in one of those blatent rip offs.....surely??

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