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Tax Credits - Potential Underpayment

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archiej Sun 10-Jul-11 14:44:03


I did my renewal over the telephone just over a fortnight ago. My husband is self employed and his actual earnings have turned out to be over £10k less than we had given as the estimate. (A big job he was expecting to take on fell through). I assumed that we would/will get a rebate.

Has anyone else experienced this? When I did my renewal I also adjusted his income for next year to be more in line with this one and this was reflected in my usual payment which went into my account when it was due. But I have not heard anything with regard to any rebate.

I know this sounds odd but I feel like we have done something wrong by under estimating so much and that we will not be given a rebate!!

I guess what I am asking is would I have had any refund paid into my account by now - almost three weeks since I renewed? I know the actual letters can take ages money due is usually paid in quickly.


brightermornings Sun 10-Jul-11 15:22:40

It does take a couple of weeks for them to process the information.I did my renewal via the post as soon as I got it, it took 2 weeks.

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