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How much money are you left with each month?

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Sarsaparilllla Wed 06-Jul-11 16:11:37

I'm moving jobs, taking a small pay cut for a job with a bigger organisation with more opportunities so just been going through incomings/outgoings etc, and I'll be left with £600 a month after mortgage/bills (but that has to include petrol/food etc)

I think that sounds doable, can I be nosey and ask how much you're left with each month?

madmother1 Wed 06-Jul-11 18:35:24

I'm in a family of 4 but soon parting from my hubby so i would say having £600 would easily feed my family (I spend no more than £80 a month, including household cleaning stuff, and meat - absolutely everything( and about £150 on petrol. I commute about 30 mins to work every day. I would hapilly live on that.

madmother1 Wed 06-Jul-11 18:36:08

Food is £80 a week !! Petrol £150 per month

maiT Wed 06-Jul-11 23:19:00

thank goodness u corrected to £80 week...coz was about to faint and ask how do you manage on £80 a month. where do you do your food shopping? i dont really have any left over at the end of the month so i guess i cant really be off any help.

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