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Child Tax Credits-Two Monthly Payments

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JandT Tue 05-Jul-11 14:30:33


I have just noticed that for the last two months I have received two payments-May was on the 26th (£24.81) and 31st (£39.94), June was 27th (£35.98) and 28th (£166.98). Does this make any sense to anyone?!

I suspect May was one of the beginning of the year 'we'll make two payments then pay you £39.94 monthly' which makes sense and I think is what our CTC letter said. I then called them a few weeks ago to say I'm not working and to update our salaries accordingly but it doesn't make sense with the amounts they've paid. They said I'd get a new letter with the new amounts on it but that hasn't arrived yet.

I'm quite happy to keep their money (we need it!) but not if they'll ask for it back in the future.

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