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debt collector knocking on the door

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worriedandneedhelp Wed 29-Jun-11 11:25:37

i have name but am a regular.
heres my story please offer any advice you can, it will be very much appreciated as i am in a state of panic.

few years ago i left 'd'p due to domestic violence. we had a joint morgage, i left the home and fled. i went to a solicitor when i settles and asked them for advice on the morgage as ex was not paying and i was too scared to move back and wouldn't have been able to pay either. i was told that i would just have to let the house be repossesed.
i had a letter from the morgage company last september saying the house had been sold and there was a shortfall of just over 35k. it had atached a form to fill in my out goings etc. i never repiled. i then had another in dec saying that if i didn't get in touch they would be sending it to their solictor. again i didn't reply, guess i was too scared or stupid! in feb this year i had a letter from someone who was acting on the morgage companies behalf. again i ignored it, please don't judge me on this. i heard nothing untill last night when a man was banging on my door very loud and for a long period. he spoke to the neighbours.
i didn't want to open the door incase he came in and took everything although i don't have much as i have had to rebuild my home as i took nothing when i left my ex.
he put a card throught the door with no company name, just plain with me to ring him. i am so scared he will return tonight, i don't want my kids hearing. my cab isn't open till friday so will be in there first thing. i spoke to pay plan on the phone but i'm not sure if they are safe to use etc. please offer me any advice you can. thanx

AuntieMonica Wed 29-Jun-11 11:30:54

1st of all, do not panic and do not call or contact this company until you have taken advice from a proper legal source.

a reputable company would not send a person to your door like this.

they have to go through many legal prodecures ie obtain a court order (CCJ) to enforce payment.

worriedandneedhelp Wed 29-Jun-11 11:36:54

thank you so much.
would i recieve a letter if they were going to send bailiffs?
i'm worried that they will be wanting me to pay back lots a month when i can't afford it.

going Wed 29-Jun-11 11:39:54

Awful situation to be in.

Have a look here, gives reputable places to call for advice.

BooyHoo Wed 29-Jun-11 11:40:07

yes wyou would. and likely more than one warning. i have had a few baliff warning letters and each time it said the next step was door step collection but then i would get another letter threatening the same. do not contact this man or offer him any money. delay until friday. jsut keep the curtains closed and don't answer.

AuntieMonica Wed 29-Jun-11 11:41:39

you would have had forms from Northampton County Court (or other County Court, Northampton is the main one which deals with debt/finance) and been asked to provide evidence of your income/expenditure etc, so unless you have chosen to ignore these too (and I understand how easy it is to do this), then the chances are this company are merely acting on information they have 'bought'.

can you google the company name and see if they are reputable or not?

worriedandneedhelp Wed 29-Jun-11 13:08:09

thank you everyone.
i'll ignore him untill i talk to someone at cab. the card he put through the door was plain and didn't have any details so i just googled the company who i had the last letter off and they appear to be a pretty major firm, not sure if thats good or bad!
i have a bad feeling he will return again this evening.
as long as i know nobody can break in and take our things. wonder what my neighbours think!

worriedandneedhelp Wed 29-Jun-11 13:09:50

meant to say thank you for the link going, payplan who i rang are on that side so they must be ok.

AuntieMonica Wed 29-Jun-11 13:10:43

PM me the company name if you'd like, they might be 'big' but they might not be 'clever'. i'll have a check up with a legal site i use


worriedandneedhelp Wed 29-Jun-11 13:29:20

have pm you auntie

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