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Refused community care grant.

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karmaz Wed 22-Jun-11 15:46:14

I have been unemployed for just over a year despite my attempts to get a job. So by now our savings are non existent. My mother had Picks disease . From being diagnosed it took her 8 years to die . The last 3 years have been horrendous my father was her carer and it affected him deeply. I live over 100 miles away so mainly due to travel costs couldn't visit as much as I wanted to so this made me feel guilty and extremely depressed. When it came to the funeral thought I would apply for a community care grant . To travel there cost us £30 plus in diesel..ok doesn't really sound a lot...but to us it is. Had to put the cost onto my ever expanding credit card bill which I am having great difficulty paying off. Today had a letter they have refused it. I am in floods of tears about it's not just the money it's the thought in my head that my mothers death was not important enough . I am still very emotional about it all , keep bursting into tears about my mothers death and this has just added to it. Upset that I am in such a situation that had to ask for help for costs to attend my own mothers funeral. Should I appeal ? is it worth the hassle ?

NettoSuperstar Wed 22-Jun-11 15:49:35

Could you get a social fund loan instead?

GypsyMoth Wed 22-Jun-11 15:49:36

what benefits do you claim to be eligible for this? to be honest,i didnt think it was given out for things like this?

sorry about your mum though. when my mum died i incurred extra costs,but even tho on income support,i really didnt think of claiming anything towards travel. i am on y own with 5 dc so it was difficult,but there was no help i was aware of

karmaz Wed 22-Jun-11 16:14:39

As far as I am aware social fund will have to be paid back, a community care doesn't. It does state on direct gov that you can get a CCG for attending a relatives funeral. But for whatever reason I didn't meet the qualifying conditions.
Very upset and ashamed that had to resort to even applying but our money situation is know so bad that needs must. I have 2 young children and our money situation is dire. Just so emotional about the situation that the slightest thing just sets me off crying

NettoSuperstar Wed 22-Jun-11 16:55:28

Yes, you will have to pay back social fund but they are easier to get.

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