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Can anyone recommend a good bank for business banking?

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mumblechum1 Fri 17-Jun-11 12:03:13

Just that, really. I'm with Halifax for everything else but when I set up as a freelance Will writer and asked them to open a business account for me they shunted me over toLloyds TSB who do all their business banking.

I'm not happy with the service/charges etc and looking to move.

Any recommendations?

MrsCurly Fri 17-Jun-11 12:10:23

It will depend a lot on what you will you the account for - for example will you do a lot of cash transactions, will you need to go in to the branch a lot, how many cheques will you write, etc.

I am with HSBC and it is virtually free, but then I don't use cash and receive and send most of my payments by BACS. The first 18 months were free and since then all I have had to pay for is a small charge for having a business credit card.

mumblechum1 Fri 17-Jun-11 12:35:53

Thanks Mrs Curly. I don't particularly want to go into the branch any more than necessary. Don't ever go overdrawn so it's really just like a personal account and don't really want to pay any charges as it's not as though they're providing advice or anything, just a cheque cashing service.

Will look at HSBC, thanks

xiaojree Sat 18-Jun-11 13:29:05

Message deleted

xiaojdd Sun 19-Jun-11 01:30:08

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xiaojwww Mon 20-Jun-11 02:49:32

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