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Shift work

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littlejosh Tue 14-Jun-11 09:46:19

Hello All

I have been offered a job, on a rota/shift pattern, 2 earlies, 2 lates and 2 days off. My husband is self employed and I have worked for him the last two years.

I have am after another job, so I can earn my own money, get out of the house and should anything ever happen we might have one salary coming in. Should add the job is within walking distance of home.

Im looking for advice on how this can work with a 2 year old (who is currently with a child minder three days a week).

My husband is supportive of me taking the job, but having spoken to my mum she says it might have a detrimental affect on the family and cause stress.

Can anyone advise if they have been in a similiar situation, and how they made it work and what possible things come up. Im not sure more money v's changing the family dynamic is worth it. I would have one full weeked off in 6...any advise or suggestions would be useful (part-time work is not an option with this particular job).


HarrietJones Tue 14-Jun-11 15:16:50

If the shifts are that set pattern I think it will be ok if you can manage CC on a rolling rota. Will the CM be flexible/dh cover gaps?

Early shifts mean you are around in the afternoon/bed time & lates mean you get the morning which may be better than a 9-5 job for time with dc.

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