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ESA appeal for someone with a lung tumour - any advice?

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QueenOfFeckingEverything Tue 31-May-11 19:55:01

I saw DD's best friend's mum today and she was in tears. She has a large non-malignant tumour on her lung and has just been turned down for ESA and told she is 'fit for work'.

She is on heavy-duty painkillers that make her drowsy, forgetful, badly-coordinated and therefore unable to drive. She is also very breathless a lot of the time, and is due to have the tumour removed next month which will be major surgery with a significant recovery period.

She can't claim JSA - she is clearly unfit for work and as we are very rural isn't actually able to get to the JobCentre anyway, as it would mean a 30 mile round trip and she isn't supposed to drive atm.

She doesn't have the internet at home and English is not her first language so I told her to come here tomorrow and I would help her with an appeal. Anyone got any pointers? I am googling now but there's a lot of info and not a lot of time... TIA smile

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