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DD's student loan application

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Alexbear1 Fri 20-May-11 18:06:25

dear all filled in DDs student loan application for London Uni starting Sept 2011. they asked for mine and hubbies income details from 2009-2010. But I was made redundant in April this year so the income we have now is basic minimum and I am on job seekers. I checked Direct Gov site and it says you can ask for this financial years income to be used instead but guess what the form etc isn't there ( site says it will be available April 2011 !!!) what do I do ? DD got letter saying she is getting the bare min maintenance award and it won't even cover her rent! so how do I go about getting the Student Loan Company to take into account that our earnings in 09-10 are way off what will be coming in this year? We don't have any savings and my other 2 kids are disabled. HELP, I keep telling DD not to worry, that I will try somehow to make sure she can go :-( She is doing a BAHons in Musical Theatre and has auditioned for last 2 years to get a place on a fab course. But I am very worried as hubbies job could be under threat too. any advice or where to turn would be sooooooooo welcome

Sherbert37 Fri 20-May-11 18:11:54

I phoned them and they sent a link to the form so try that?

whoatethelastbiscuit Sat 04-Jun-11 21:01:24

Firstly well done to your DD for getting a place.
We had this situation a few years ago, they did an "in year" assessment, although it was then the local authority dealing with forms, I am sure the same principles apply. Just phone and ask them to send the form if it isn't on line. At least they have already done one assessment, that will stand until the new one kicks in so your dd will have something. If there is a delay in assessment let the Uni know, they are usually very understanding and often have hardship funds available for those struggling due to loan delay's. Another thing to be aware of, is that Uni accomodation often asks for payment before the student loan comes in - not something they tend to tell you so I'd check it out - 4 of our dd's been to uni (6 Uni's in total) and all requested payment before arrival, luckily they all had savings to use till the money arrived, maybe your dd has a little saved to cushion her, or could work through the summer (at least then it is her money and she won't have to pay them back that bit) Good luck to your dd - London is a great place to study ... and party

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