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car insurance for a 18 year old

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everthebeliver Tue 05-Apr-11 19:18:46

I am sorry I am sure this has been asked before but cannot find the thread. My DD is 18 in May and we would like to buy her a small runaround for her bday.

The cheapest car insurance I can find is £2800 !!! has anyone found a website or insurance company that is more reasonable

many thanks in advance

mollymole Tue 05-Apr-11 19:28:20

that seems about right i'm afraid

ChishAndFips Tue 05-Apr-11 19:31:34

Named driver on your policy? I know she won't build up no claims discount but if it's the only way that's affordable... DD1 is a named driver on my policy, costs about £300 extra. We have Admiral multi-car.

ChishAndFips Tue 05-Apr-11 19:32:24

DD1 is 19 by the way, has been same cost since she was a learner/new driver at 17.

everthebeliver Wed 06-Apr-11 00:10:32

thanks for the replies i will look into the named driver. Have been searching most of the night and some qoutes hit £5k !!!! My insurance is £21 per month but then I have been driving forever

boosmummie Wed 06-Apr-11 00:25:31

My daughter is 17½ and hers is 1250 with a 300 excess. We've limited the mileage to 4000 pa as that gave a discount. 1lt Toyota, so not a biggie. Try Go Compare. Also lots do this 'black box' insurance which can reduce more according to how they drive. although they can whack it up if they don't drive well...grin

vj32 Thu 07-Apr-11 05:04:21

You shouldn't put her as a named driver if you intend it to be her car and for her to be the main driver. Loads of people do but if found out it will invalidate the insurance. The insurance will be really high the first year but there will be a massive reduction after one year so long as she doesn't make a claim. My first insurance 8 years ago was £1400, second year was £700.

Also - you will get hit with this high premium at some point. We have just had to pay out quite a lot of money to insure a car because although he has been driving on my policy for 5 years and has never had an accident, and is nearly 30, DH has never had insurance in his name so has no no claims discount. So if you can afford it, might be worth getting the big bill over with!

mumoverseas Sun 10-Apr-11 11:35:25

There was a thread on this last week, think it was in AIBU. There were several recommendations there about specialist car insurance companies
I feel your pain, DS is nearly 18 and its simply not an option for us

jackie1234 Wed 25-May-11 09:25:49

hi have a good deal - I have just found £1100

blushingm Sun 29-May-11 22:12:24

admiral and elephant are part of the same group

sometimes if you have insurance with say your dh - if dh gets insurance with the same co they will sometimes give some introductory no claims discount

5inthebed Sun 29-May-11 22:26:51

Yep, insurance is shocking for youngsters.

My cousin passed his test ast week, aged 17 and a half. To have his own insurance for the car my uncle was going to buy him was £6000, for him to be added onto my uncles insurance as a second driver, it was £4,500. He can afford neither, so my cousin cannot drive. They are waiting until he turns 18 in the hope it reduces.

OddBoots Sun 29-May-11 22:38:45

Have you thought about cover box ?

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