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Grr Egg/Barclaycard Balance Transfer

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Sarsaparilllla Tue 08-Feb-11 17:31:23

I'm having a bloody nightmare angry

I'm trying to pay off an Egg credit card at the moment, I applyed for a Barclaycard 0% transfer so I can pay it off quicker

The Egg card isn't active, it's repayment only and I don't have the physical card, and they won't send me one.

Barclaycard want an expiry date in order to do the tranfer and won't do it without one.

I've been back to Egg and explained that, they've said that they're aware of this and have said,

I can confirm that we've spoken to Barclaycard and they've confirmed it's still possible for you to complete your Balance Transfer but it will need to be done over the phone with a specialist team

Barclaycard have informed us that: "Online it is mandated to request the expiry date for all Balance Transfers's however if the customer calls the contact centre and states that they don't have an expiry date on the card then the customer can be transferred to a support team who are able to process the Balance Transfer if they are aware that the card in question doesn't have an expiry date

But when I speak to Barclaycard they say it's not possible and they don't have any such department that can override the system requirement for an expiry date angry

Don't suppose anyone else has come across this and found a solution??

Benny29 Wed 07-Sep-11 13:12:27

Hi, it took me a great deal of stress and worry, but please look at this link as I had the same problem... Hope you got this sorted in the end.. If not, keep on at them and expose them for what they are... I certainly am!

HonestlyBanking Sun 11-Sep-11 21:00:42

You have a valid complaint against them. I would suggest a letter to the CEO for starters...

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