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NPower Bills

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Chil1234 Thu 13-Jan-11 08:02:11

I nearly fell over backwards when I got my revised DD payment estimates from NPower yesterday. Have been on various capped rates for years and had been warned by NPower that their charges were going up in 2011. But the DD recalculation was almost double!!! I've switched supplier for gas and electricity... Anyone else had a nasty shock this month?

irishbird Thu 13-Jan-11 08:06:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

The3Bears Thu 13-Jan-11 20:40:27

Oh no Im due mine at the end of the month dreading it now

CrispyTheCrisp Thu 13-Jan-11 20:42:55

They phoned me to ask if i would like to switch to them today, regardless of the fact that i am on the telephone preference service so shouldn't be going this hmm

I said if they could sell me oil at a lower price than my current supplier then i would talk further grin. Money grabbing twats

said Thu 13-Jan-11 20:44:58

Have they raised their bills recently? I'm with E On and when I did teh comaparison thing the otehr day (before E-on announced their rise) NPowere came out as the cheapest

CurlyhairedAssassin Thu 13-Jan-11 22:16:20

irishbird, npower did exactly the same with me when I phoned to say I was switching to Eon. When I asked why I wasn't offered that tarriff in theh first place he got very sheepish and mumbled that it was a new one "just out". Yeah, right. When I pressed him further he virtually admitted that they are only allowed to offer that cheaper tariff when a current customer calls them saying they want to switch. Absolutely bastards!!

I would be very wary of staying with one energy provider for more than a couple of years. It just doesn't pay. It's like car insurance - it seems to go up and up if you stick with the same provider and you save potfuls by going elsewhere as a new customer.

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