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Chattybabe Wed 05-Jan-11 09:02:47


My daughter's partner has left her, with kids, in debt and without any money! She's on benefit and in order to move on, wants her ex-partner's name removed from the mortgage/deeds. It's her hourse but when he moved in (for about 5 years) his name went onto the deeds/mortgage in order to get a loan to improve the property - This work never happened! She's been told that to get his name removed it could cost her £500 which she just hasn't got. He's quite willing to go along with this as he doesn't want any claim on the house. She's worried that HIS sons could have a claim on her house if anything happened to her!!

Any suggestions???

Chil1234 Wed 05-Jan-11 09:21:06

There are usually admin charges when you're changing mortgages. She could try adding the £500 fee to the remaining balance perhaps or maybe, as he seems to be reasonable, he would agree to pay half?

Chattybabe Wed 05-Jan-11 11:07:02

Thanks Chil....even £250 at the minute is out of her league.

Chattybabe Wed 05-Jan-11 11:13:01


I've spent my life trying to keep fit, slim etc etc. but at the moment I really feel AWFULL!! Christmas was great but very busy and now I've no energy, feel really fed up and just don't know how to kick start my new year.

I walk the dog for 40 minutes every morning and wonder if this is where I should start? Also, I'm just over my Weight Watchers target so think I should return there next week.

Any other tips????

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