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Child Benefit and older children

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WelshCerys Thu 30-Dec-10 21:27:00

Got a letter from Child Benefit today to say that CB for my 18 year old DS would soon stop. Rang to say that he's still in full time further education. Just phone us after his 19th birthday, they said, to tell us this again and we will continue CB until he finishes further education (A levels in his case) as long as he isn't yet 20.

I've had to do this before and as before, the letter does not invite you to do so - it implies very firmly that that's it - your DC is nearly 19 (or 18) so end of child benefit for this young person. With the previous letter, it was because he was about to hit 18 and so I had to phone to explain ...

I told the CB lady what I thought of the letter and she agreed that a letter to CB might not go amiss. There is an accompanying booklet but that isn't clear and because the letter is so emphatic, you'd be forgiven for not taking the matter further if you didn't know any better.

If other MNs have been through this - why not write in with a suggested form of words as I'm about to do or simply to express concern at the wording and if anyone out there has a soon to be 18/19 year old, be aware of these confusing and, I would say, disingenuous, letters.

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