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were do i stand on my maternity pay?? can any1 help

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weemocky Thu 09-Dec-10 00:18:57

hi guys, i am employed fulltime with nhs. and have been employed by them for nearly 4 years. though in the last year, my sickness has been very poor. i am suffering depression, which may be caused by a bout of bullying at work last year. my boss moved me but i was never treated until now.

i am 23 weeks pregnant, and at 11 weeks my doctor put me back out on long term sick due to the depression. i understand that i can stay on the sick until 34 weeks, until they sign me off on maternity.

i am wondering how this will affect my money?? does any1 know??? gettin very anxious about it. i know the nhs has good maternity package but not quite sure what exactly it is, and can my partner claim workin tax credit when the baby comes while i am on maternity??

PDR Mon 13-Dec-10 19:50:34

Does it not say in your contract how maternity pay is calculated?

Are you getting sick pay or SSP?

As far as I know they can only force you to start ML 4 weeks before your EDD so 36 weeks not 34.

As for WTC this depends entirely on your joint household income for the previous tax year and how many hours you both work.

There is a calculator on the HMRC website which you could put hypothetical numbers into to get a rough guide. It will not be your partner to claim though as you are a couple you must make a joint claim.

are still classed as "working" for the first 39 weeks of ML IIRC.

Remember though as the figures are based on the previous year's income when presumably you would have been working full time you need to be on a pretty low income to qualify.

You may also be entitled to Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit depending again on your joint household incomes.

According to the table on the HMRC website the maximum amount of CTC & WTC you will receive per year is:

Joint Annual Income with 1 child
15k = £4110
20k = £2160
25k - 50k = £545

FessaEst Mon 03-Jan-11 14:07:40

NHS mat pay is based on the 2 pay packets you received before you were 25 weeks pregnant - so your last 2 pay packets. If you are currently sick, then this will just be your basic pay. Your mat pay will then be:

8 weeks at full pay-SMP+SMP (iyswim)
18 weeks half pay+SMP
13 weeks SMP
13 weeks unpaid.

The NHS will continue to pay your pension contributions unless you specify otherwise, and will take the money out of your pay packets when you return.

SMP is currently about £124/week.

You will be eligible for child benefit regardless of income.

You will most likely get something in CTC/WTC as your child will be under one - and am guessing you are not hugely wealthy.

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